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Hyundai Residence is the very essence of a 21st century style residence, situated in Chungmuro, the neighborhood of culture, art and movies. Hyendai Residence rises high above the north of the Han River, right in the middle of a business and shopping town. Because there is little traffic our guest’s stay is highly convenient.
The area around our residence is surrounded with lush trees and mountains, which provides an environment of great harmony and peace. Additionally, our rooms are designed to give our guests the most convenient and comforting experience possible, It is our goal to provide our guests with a continuum of brand new facilities.
We truly welcome every one of them and promise to serve our guests with kindness, friendliness and conurtesy.








  현대레지던스  (주)미어캣앤코

  소재지 서울특별시 중구 충무로 5가 22-5
(도로명주소 : 서울특별시 중구 마른내로12길 7-4
충무로  현대 프레스타워)
  TEL   02)3406-8000,8001   FAX   02)3406-8003
  등급   레지던스   객실수   165실
  부대시설   비즈니스센타, 커피숍, 옥상정원   대표이사   김 종 욱